GoLo Rugby a sports company conceived during the Covid 19 pandemic has successfully launched from Clonmel this last week.

The company which manufactures and sells unique Hands-Free Tackle pads used for Rugby sold over 100 products in the first few days. The products are being sold Globally with the UK, France, Australia, and New Zealand having been identified as key markets alongside the home Irish market.  

GoLor Rugby
Danny Lambe Founder of GoLo Rugby

GoLo tackle pads are an internationally patented product designed to help rugby players easily identify target areas to help make the perfect tackle. GoLo is a multi-functioning product as it allows defenders to easily target the correct tackle areas while also allowing attackers to move freely throughout training.

GoLo Rugby believes that their pads ensure an increase in tackle safety and accuracy while reducing the risk of injury in training and during match warmups.

Danny Lambe the founder of the product is a decorated rugby coach from Tipperary.

“ We have sold over 100 products within the first few days of going live, with over 80% going overseas.”

Danny continued:

“Rugby is constantly changing with the focus on creating a safe environment for all players. One way of creating a safer game is the focus of players lowering their tackle height.”

Rugby has an estimated following of 475 million people and approximately 5.6 million players worldwide.

About GoLo Rugby

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GoLo Rugby is located in Clonmel, Tipperary, and manufactures and retails an internationally patented Hands-Free Tackle pad for use in Rugby and other sports. The pads encourage accurate and safe tackling while reducing injuries. Contact: info@golorugby.com  or by telephone 083 094 4496