GoLo Rugby Hands Free Tackle Pads

GoLo rugby hands free tackle pads are a unique product designed to help rugby players easily identify target areas to help make the perfect tackle. GoLo is a multi functioning product as it allows defenders to easily target the correct tackle areas while also allowing attackers to move freely throughout training.

The hands free tackle pad is made from a high density tackle foam and wrapped with a military grade material to ensure it is durable.


  • 4x Padded Leg Areas
  • 1 Large Waste Padding Area
  • 2x Large Targets
  • 3x Easily Adjustable Velcro Straps
  • High Density Tackle Foam
  • Military Grade Material
  • Zero Friction Velcro Straps

GoLo Rugby provides shipping to all countries, if you are outside of our shipping zones please Contact Us so we can process your order.

If you are interested in bulk purchasing our hands free rugby tackle pad’s for a TEAM, SCHOOL or CLUB please Contact Us to discuss our bulk (10+) prices.

€65 per pad

Club Deals Available